PIUMA Pocket Fountain Pen - Japanese Ebonite

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Since 2015, we have been making metal pens in California. We have experimented with aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. During the last year, we have been searching for the highest quality Ebonite. We are thrilled to have found the perfect one in Japan. It has a stunning matte black color with amazing mechanical properties. Ebonite has long been regarded as one of the best materials to make fountain pens. It is excellent for machining, has a beautiful appearance, and it is smooth to the touch. In addition, it absorbs heat rapidly so it warms in your hand while in use and creates a wonderful writing experience. Ebonite is a hard rubber obtained by vulcanizing natural rubber from gum trees with sulfur and linseed oil for prolonged periods.

Our PIUMA pocket fountain pen is very compact, but when posted it is the same size as a regular pen. In addition, it features a large #6 nib and a wide grip section, which provides a very comfortable writing experience.


The pen accepts all standard international ink cartridges which are widely available worldwide. All pens will include one black ink cartridge. In addition, you can also use a bulb aerometric converter (not included). We also understand the passion for diverse ink options for fountain pen enthusiasts. For this reason, these pens have been designed for eye-dropping capabilities. The body threads have been calibrated to stop the ink from going through. In addition, we incorporated an O-ring seal that prevents any leakage. Silicone grease is applied during assembly to the nib unit threads as well as the body threads.


Pens use #6 nibs made in Germany by Peter Bock. These nibs have been regarded as one of the best performing nibs in the business. All pens come equipped with black lacquered stainless steel nibs. You can upgrade to a titanium nib for an extra $40. Titanium nibs are softer and more flexible. This allows for line variation depending on the downward force applied.


    The pen has received praise from fountain pen experts. You can watch their reviews on YouTube.



    Length capped: 93mm / 3.66”
    Length posted: 139mm / 5.47”
    Width: 15mm / 0.59”
    Width at grip: 12mm / 0.47”
    Weight (inked): 12g / 0.42oz