UNO XL Minimalist Pen For HI-TEC-C - Stainless Steel


Pilot's HI-TEC-C pens are one of the most loved writing instruments. They provide a smooth writing experience in combination with exceptional ink flow and consistent line thickness. For these reasons, we designed a modern and minimalist stainless steel pen that is engineered to serve you a lifetime.


One of the advantages of the HI-TEC-C refill is that the ink never dries out even when exposed to air. A pen cap is not necessary but we have designed a cap that retracts to protect the tip. This cap also serves as the holding section with a diamond pattern to improve grip and comfort.


In 2015, we introduced a slimmer version of this pen for Pilot's Coleto refills, which are thinner and with a much smaller ink capacity. Since then, we have received countless emails asking for an UNO pen for the full-size HI-TEC-C refill. In 2022 we decided to make it a reality. After one year of development, we are very excited to share with you this stainless steel beauty.


Length including tip: 135mm
Width at body: 8.5mm
Width at grip/cap: 11mm
Weight: 37g