PIUMA Minimalist Fountain Pen

PIUMA is an investigation of liberating a fountain pen from all unnecessary components and ornaments. PIUMA is machined out of solid blocks of titanium, brass, and aluminum using the latest CNC technology. In order to provide an incredibly smooth writing experience, PIUMA is also equipped with the finest German-made nibs.

Minimal Design
The design has been refined with the utmost attention to detail. Each component has been meticulously designed taking into consideration its function and aesthetic. The interchangeable nib system screws inside the pen grip and resides a couple of millimeters in to create a unibody appearance. The cap threads are wider and allow a fast opening and closing of the pen. In addition, a millimetric-rounded gap defines the connection between the cap and the body.

PIUMA borrows its name from the same Italian word, which means feather. It pays homage to the simplicity of the first pens made from bird feathers. It is a writing instrument to be used for a lifetime and enjoyed by generations - a combination of the highest manufacturing quality and timeless design.