ITALIA Fountain Pen at 40% Discount. Titanium - Brass - Aluminum

-> Link to order on Kickstarter at 40% Discount

ITALIA is the new fountain pen by ēnsso available to pre-order on Kickstarter at 40% discount of the future retail price.

The design of this pen was inspired by the golden age of Italian pens. Its minimalistic design with peaked ends and clip is only adorned with a Greek Key or three bands.

It has a very comfortable and well-balanced size of 139 mm when opened or closed (nib included). It is 150 mm in length when posted. ITALIA comes equipped with a #6 German-made Bock nib and a Schmidt ink converter. It accepts short and long standard international ink cartridges.

Although its design draws inspiration from vintage pens, this is a modern-looking pen expertly milled from solid titanium, brass, or aluminum.